Sunday, 19 December 2010

Football's greatest players.Johan Cruyff

Football's greatest players.Johan Cruyff

The Dutch International was the complete player,great balance, electric acceleration and a tremendous vision ,which allowed the centre forward to pop up on the pitch almost anywhere.Cruyff epitomised the total football the Holland team presented to us in the 1974 World Cup. He had millions of people watching in amazement that year at the mesmerising "Cruyff turn"that left defenders spreadeagled.
He won his first football medals at the age of 19,but the consistent Cruyff would attain 21 football league and cup medals spanning three decades.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

World Cup Willie The First & Greatest World Cup Mascot

World Cup Willie The First & Greatest World Cup Mascot

What is you favourite memory of the1966 World Cup year?Geoff Hurst's goal(or no goal),kenneth Wolsteholmes "they they think it's all over."Or could it be England's "12th Lion," World Cup Willie!We all have our memories, but some of us believe Willie helped England to glory that year.He was used to promote the tournament, and could be found everywhere.So how well is Willie remembered now?

World Cup Willie may not be as famous as Sir Alf, Sir Geoff or Sir Bobby,but famous he is. For Willie was the first ever World Cup mascot.Emblazoned in a Union Jack shirt and shorts, the patriotic lion with a Beatles haircut,and boots that made him look like he was "bovvered" strode to the same success as the newly crowned World Champions England. 

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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Top Ten World Cup Heroes. Gerd Muller-Der Bomber

Top Ten World Cup Heroes. Gerd Muller-Der Bomber

Goal poacher

One of the finest goalscorers Germany has ever produced, his record of almost a goal a game in the finals was outstanding and "Der Bomber" was always devastating whoever the opposition.Most of his goals were scored from inside the penalty area, and nearly always from nothing.
Muller played in two World Cup Finals and although he scored 10 goals inMexico 70, the poacher would have to wait another four years to collect his winners medal.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Ronaldoh's greatest goals-David Beckham for England

Great goals for England

Captain Fantastic

Football icon and hero David Beckham's association with Englandwill almost certainly carry on for many years into the future..
He has scored many great goals in his career for club and country , but never has this goal he scored for England been so great or so important in their desperate attempt to qualify for the World Cup