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Great Football Tournaments-The Africa Cup of Nations

Great Football Tournaments-The Africa Cup of Nations

CAF,The Confederation of African Football was founded in 1957 by its original members, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and South Africa and the African Nations Cup was born
It is now known as the Africa Cup Of Nations,and the first tournament was held in Sudan in1957 where Egypt beat Ethiopia 4-0.Only three teams competed as South Africa refused to Field a multi racial team, and withdrew.They were exiled until 1996.

The Cup Winners

Year Winner
1957 Egypt
1959 Egypt
1962 Ethiopia
1963 Ghana
1965 Ghana
1968 Congo (Kinshasa)
1970 Sudan
1972 Congo (Brazzaville)
1974 Zaire
1976 Morocco
1978 Ghana
1980 Nigeria
1982 Ghana
1984 Cameroon
1986 Egypt
1988 Cameroon
1990 Algeria
1992 Ivory Coast
1994 Nigeria
1996 South Africa
1998 Egypt
2000 Cameroon
2002 Cameroon
2004 Tunisia
2006 Egypt
2008 Egypt
2010 Egypt
The Finals history
The cup is held every two years and in the 1960's Ghana were the best team in Africa.........

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